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Hyundai May Be Testing a New Veloster

Aswan September 13, 2016 14:34

With the new i30 launched ahead of the Paris Motorshow, we're already expecting a few variants of Hyundai's mid-sized hatchback to be popping up in the coming months. One such model may very well be the new Veloster, as evidenced by these spy photos posted up by Hyundai-Blog.com.

The photos were taken in South Korea, and the blog reports that the model looks similar to three other models that were teased during the i30's launch. Speculation is that the Veloster may be the new i30 Sportback, and may take the odd assymetrical design out of production.

In any case, we're not likely to see this model here- although perhaps with some restructuring and repositioning, Hyundai may be open to reintroducing this model as the market picks back up again. 

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