Hyundai’s Smart Air Purification System Will Monitor And Automatically Filter The Interior Air For You

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Hyundai’s Smart Air Purification System Will Monitor And Automatically Filter The Interior Air For You

Hyundai has developed an intelligent ‘Smart Air Purification system’ that monitors interior air quality to automatically filter the air inside a car.

The new feature builds on the brand’s prior work to enhance in-car air quality by introducing a new automated monitoring system, which continually checks interior air quality until it achieves an ‘Excellent’ status. 

Combined with advanced filtering innovations, the technology can remove fine particulates before passengers enter the car, and purification of cabin air throughout a journey.

The new development, already under consideration for future Hyundai and Kia vehicles, responds to growing concerns about the health impact of fine particulates, especially in highly-congested urban areas. 

Conventional air purification systems only operate for a set period when activated, turning off after a designated time regardless of current cabin air quality.

However, the new Smart Air Purification system constantly monitors the car’s air quality, activating the purification function if the air quality decreases to ‘Fair’ level.

It then maintains the cleaning process until the air quality improves to an ‘Excellent’ level. Even if the exterior air quality is at ‘Poor’ level, the system can purify air inside to ‘Excellent’ quality in almost instantaneously. 

Passengers can monitor interior air quality levels via the car’s audio-video navigation (AVN) screen, with a visual 16-bar digital display of air quality that fluctuates in real-time.

According to Hyundai, the air quality is monitored via an integrated, laser-based sensor to ensure the system’s durability and reliability.

While typical sensors are prone to reliability issues as fine particulates can gradually build up on the measurement lens, the laser-based design sidesteps this problem, guaranteeing that the purifier’s fan motors and sensors will maintain full functionality at environments of both extreme heat and cold. 

The new interior purification system is paired with advanced high-performance air filters which enhance the collection rate of fine particulates from 94% to 99%.

Besides that, the new filtration system also features a charcoal-based deodorization function and can automatically close car windows to assist the purification process. 

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