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Hyundai Sonata Facelift Spotted Testing in Michigan

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Hyundai Sonata Facelift Spotted Testing in Michigan

Just three years in production and the current gen Sonata is shaping up for its facelift. This test mule spotted in Michigan over in the states shows some of the styling that we can expect with the facelift model, even if it is heavily clad in car camouflage. 

From what little we can gleam and from the experienced insights of the guys at HYUNDAI-BLOG, the new model should have a more aggressive look at both the front and the rear, with  redesigned grill, lights, and bumpers. The side profile is heavily covered so it's difficult to see what changes will be made to the metalwork, but it's a reasonable guess that it follows the more aggressive direction. 

The previous generation Sonata was a huge hit, but the current generation one proved to be a little lacklustre at launch- and it seems that this sentiment translates to the US market as well. Hopefully with the US market driving the direction of the Sonata's facelift development, we will see a more interesting product on our shores as well. 

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