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Isuzu Malaysia Recognizes Top Truck Dealers

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Isuzu Malaysia Recognizes Top Truck Dealers

Nine Isuzu outlets in Malaysia were presented with the ‘Isuzu Medium-Heavy Duty (MHD) Truck Authorized Service Centre’ plaques recenty, upgrading them to flagship dealers.  

The dealers are:

  1. Automotive Corporation Malaysia (ACM)
  2. Indah Utara Auto
  3. Jumbo Arena
  4. Ultra Gallant Kedah
  5. Ultra Gallant Penang  
  6. Ultra Gallant Selangor
  7. Ultra Gallant Negeri Sembilan
  8. Ultra Gallant Johor
  9. Ultra Gallant Pahang

Following the certification, the outlets are now dedicated to handling all classes of Isuzu trucks, particularly the medium-duty Forward and heavy-duty Giga models.

According to Isuzu Malaysia, the outlets had met the new standards requirements set by Isuzu’s technical team that mandates facilities to be suitably able to cater to the requirements of heavy-duty trucks.  

The dealers were required to have ample availability of spare parts, trained and certified technicians skilled, as well as display technical capabilities in handling state-of-the-art proprietary diagnostic equipment.

“As the leading truck brand in Malaysia, we have the onus to not only provide the necessary support infrastructure for our customers but to continuously raise the quality levels of our service. The nine outlets that received the plaques have been exemplary in their commitment towards ensuring customer satisfaction and taken that step forward in line with our Kaizen principals,” said Isuzu Malaysia’s CEO Kenji Matsuoka.

With these flagship outlets in place, Isuzu Malaysia’s customers will be able to seek efficient and professional support along the major transportation routes, particularly along the north-south highway as well as in the east coast region. The location of these outlets are key to ensuring that long-haul trucks are able to seek quick and convenient technical redress or maintenance as they ply these routes on a regular basis.

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