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Jaguar I-Pace E-Trophy Series To Add More Excitement To Formula E

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Jaguar I-Pace E-Trophy Series To Add More Excitement To Formula E

Jaguar has announced the I-Pace eTrophy series - a one make race which will see about 20 units of the British carmaker’s i-Pace electric SUVs racing each other on the same circuits as the ones in the Formula E championship calendar.

The series, which will be a support race for the FIA Formula E, will comprise 10 races taking place in Hong Kong, Paris, Rome, New York and also Sao Paolo, Brazil among other locations beginning late 2018. 

The I-Pace SUVs used in the series will be modified by Jaguar Land Rover’s special vehicle operations unit in order to make them race-ready, according to FIA standards.

“We’ve always said we want to prove our electrification technologies on the track – this is the proof. I am looking forward to seeing a full grid of Jaguar I-PACE racecars in late 2018, soon after the first Jaguar I-PACE hits the road in Europe. Ultimately this innovative series will enhance the technology in our future electric vehicles and benefit our customers,” said Gerd Mauser, the Chairman of Jaguar Racing.

The I-Pace eTrophy aside, Jaguar is also participating in the Formula E race alongside Audi, BMW, Renault, and maybe even Porsche. 

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