Jakarta 2017: Daihatsu DN F-Sedan Concept – Preview Of Perodua’s City / Vios Challenger?

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Jakarta 2017: Daihatsu DN F-Sedan Concept – Preview Of Perodua’s City / Vios Challenger?

Daihatsu has pulled the veils off the stunning-looking DN F-Sedan Concept at the ongoing 2017 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show happening at Jakarta.

Exact dimensions are not currently available, but our man on the ground, Hans, observes the vehicle to be B-segment-sized, suggesting that a City/Vios challenger is currently undergoing development at Daihatsu and may be even Perodua.

The concept’s blacked out windows give us no glimpse of its interior, but outwardly, DN F-Sedan is a stunning looking vehicle; the aggressive tapering of its roof at the rear gives it pleasingly sporty proportions reminiscent of the Tesla Model 3.

Handles to the rear doors are placed near the B-pillar, facilitating a suicide-style rear-hinged opening.

A production model, if one follows, is unlikely to get that coupe-like roof or even the suicide rear doors, but the Honda Accord-aping front fascia appears sufficiently feasible to be implemented into a production model.

The DN F-Sedan’s unveiling ties in nicely with an earlier announcement that Daihatsu will spearhead Toyota’s compact car development programme in emerging markets. The DN F-Sedan, therefore, potentially previews one of the first products of this arrangement.

Considering its B-segment size, the DN F-Sedan is potentially related to the next-generation Toyota Vios. More tantalizingly, its parts bin might even be made available for Perodua to develop its own B-segment contender to be positioned above the Bezza.

Gallery: Jakarta 2017: Daihatsu DN F-Sedan Concept

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