Ken Block Drops the Ninth Installment in his Gymkhana Series


Ken Block has done it again, this time returning for Gymkhana 9. With his previous installments the stunts and the scenes were progressively getting larger and larger, culminating in a run through the city of Dubai. This time he returns to his roots, wreaking havoc in an empty industrial estate and playing chicken with a freight train.

Also important to note is his change of car, swapping to the newer, larger Focus RS platform. The Fiesta (and his odd Mustang build) served him for a long time after his stint in Subarus, and this new Focus offers new opportunities in terms of the stunts he can execute. 


Places more value in how fun a car is to drive than outright performance or luxury. He laments the direction that automotive development is headed in, but grudgingly accepts the logic behind it. Can be commonly found trying to fix yet another problem on his rusty project car.


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