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Korea To Become First Asian Country To Launch Nissan Maxima

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Korea To Become First Asian Country To Launch Nissan Maxima

Competition in the Korean car market is getting increasingly stiff as more foreign brands are muscling into a market that one decade ago, was 97 percent dominated by Hyundai and Kia.

Nissan Korea is now upping the ante by introducing its made-in USA, Maxima ‘sports sedan’ to Korea, the first Asian market to sell the Maxima.

Imported from USA, the Nissan Maxima will sit one rung above the also US-made Nissan Korea’s Altima (Teana to you and me), and will be priced no more than 45 million Won, pitting it against the 40 million Won Hyundai Aslan, as well as the US-made Toyota Avalon.

Nissan Korea is now taking pre-orders for the Maxima, and the model is expected to be launched within next month.

Power comes from a 3.5-litre V6 that pushes out 303 PS via a CVT, driving the front wheels.

Korea is a left-hand drive country and a Korea-USA Free Trade Agreement signed in 2012 has opened the once-closed Korean car market to an increasing number of American-made full-size sedans.

Just one month ago, the General Motors introduced its 3.6-litre Chevrolet Impala, priced at 42 million Won.

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