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Land Rover Shows Off Evoque Convertible’s Off-Road Cred

Daniel Wong October 6, 2015 15:29

With a raft of new SUVs coming into the market recently, Land Rover has released a new video of the upcoming 2015 Range Rover Evoque Convertible undergoing its final phase of testing to remind everyone that yes, a topless Evoque is going to happen, and soon.

Besides being built to offer an elevated and alfresco driving experience, the video demonstrates the off-road capabilities that the Evoque Convertible will have, which includes a 500mm wading ability, wade sensing, Terrain Response system, and excellent wheel articulation. Despite losing its roof, Land Rover claims that there have been no visible changes done to the bodyshell in order to retain the Evoque’s chassis rigidity.

Land Rover says that the Evoque Convertible will be the most capable convertible in the world when it makes its world debut next month at the Los Angeles International Auto Show, touting it as ‘The Convertible for All Seasons’ and built to deliver the off-road capability of a true Land Rover.  


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