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Let's Look at Some Renders of the BMW X2

Aswan October 12, 2016 12:03

Late last month, BMW showed off their X2 Concept at the Paris Motorshow and it was well received (not that any BMW model is poorly received these days, where niche markets are no longer niche). Remco Meulendijk of RM CarDesign returns with a few renders of the car that's slated to be the baby-X4, or baby-baby-X6. 

These renders are based off of the concept model photos that were released earlier, but with more realistic details and filled in lines to better reflect a potentially finished product. The X2 has been spotted winter testing in the wild, although judging from the overall look one wonders how the X2 fits in the X-model series range. While the X4 and X6 are fastback versions off the X3 and X5 respectively, the X2 doesn't seem to have all-too-much of a coupe roofline. 

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