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Lexus Malaysia launches special service campaign for ES models

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Lexus Malaysia launches special service campaign for ES models

As part of a global recall for a certain batch of Lexus ES and RX models, Lexus Malaysia is issuing a Special Service Campaign to rectify the potentially faulty component. The component in question is a brake actuator that is part of the VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), and TRC (Traction Control System).

Within the actuator is an O-ring that may have been damaged during the assembly process. As a result, the O-ring may potentially fail earlier than expected and may cause difficulty in controlling the aforementioned systems. This will in turn result in a loss of control and a potential accident.

For Malaysia, only the ES model is affected by this recall, as they only affect models assembled  between September 2015 and February 2016; Toyota Motor Corporation has confirmed that around 90 units were destined for Malaysia during this period, and so UMW Toyota Motors will notify owners of affected vehicles. All costs related to the campaign will be borne by Lexus Malaysia. 

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