Luxury, Safety, Practicality - Who is this SUV unicorn?

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Luxury, Safety, Practicality - Who is this SUV unicorn?

As we climb the ladder of success after the grind and graft, the vehicle we drive should also be a testament to the work that’s gone in to attain the level of success you now own. 

It’s not as simple as that though is it? Especially when it comes to vehicle shopping in Malaysia, like your favorite restaurant - the options extend past six pages and you’re left scratching your head, more confused than ever! 

So let’s nail down the list of priorities first:

  • High seating position
  • A touch of luxury and comfort
  • Safety - active and passive
  • Practicality - to suit your active lifestyle 

Now based on the above, we can narrow it down to an SUV, sits four comfortably - if got reclining rear seats even more power, must come with Android Auto/ Apple Carplay, has a hands-free power back door, and must obviously look good while being all of the above too! 

Is the above you?

Because if so, we may have just found you a Lexus that does it all with aplomb!

Lexus NX300 Premium Side View

Presenting the Lexus NX300 and here’s why you should consider it too!   

  1. A face that sets all mouths agape - drive down the road in a Lexus NX300 and just observe how many heads turn to admire that spindle grill - I know because I’ve seen it. 
  2. 235 hp, 350 Nm of torque - more than the power you’ll need for a city run-about vehicle that is equally adept for those long balik-kampung drives. 
  3. Lexus Safety System (LSS+) - Lane Tracing Assist, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Pre-collision System, Adaptive High-beam System, Blind Spot Monitor System, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, wide-angle cornering lamps, and eight SRS airbags are all included to keep you safe and secure - for a more comprehensive understanding of what these features do, click here. 
  4. With 60:40 split rear-folding seats, you can also carry your expensive road bike safely, no more ugly or unsightly bike racks all over the car.  

Lexus NX300 Premium Front View

Lexus NX300 Premium 60:40 Split Seats

Of course, it now being pandemic season, it may be a little harder to get to a Lexus showroom to test-drive the NX for yourself but fret not, kita ada jalan:

  1. Book for a test drive from home here, and we’ll bring it to you. Easy-peasy. 
  2. Browse through Lexus’ virtual showroom and #ExperienceAmazing, you will get to see the car you like in and out here
  3. Lexus employs strict safety and hygiene protocols to ensure you are safe before and after test-drive sessions. 

Lexus NX300 Premium Rear View

And there you have it, seven reasons why you should consider the Lexus NX300 and how you can go about getting a test-drive on your way to owning one! 

Prices for the Lexus NX300 start from RM303,117.00 for the Lexus NX300 Urban while the NX300 Premium is priced from RM321,850.50 and the NX 300 F SPORT from RM336,018.50 until December 31, 2020. 

Lexus NX300 Premium Steering Wheel

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