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Lotus Evora GT410 Now Available In Non-Sport Trim, Est. Price RM 1,150,000

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Lotus Evora GT410 Now Available In Non-Sport Trim, Est. Price RM 1,150,000

When Lotus left our market in an official capacity a couple of years ago, there was a lot of worry surrounding the state of the brand in Malaysia – but eventually the mantle was picked up by LOTUS KARZ MALAYSIA, out in Shah Alam. In addition to handling the various servicing and maintenance requirements for existing Lotus models in Malaysia, they are also the official dealer for new Lotus models.

Lotus recently announced the addition of the Evora GT410 to their range, which complements the GT410 Sport that is currently available and functions as a more comfortable, road-oriented variant that’s a little less go-kart and a little more GT car. Estimated pricing for the new GT410 stands at approximately RM 460,000 if you want your car in Langkawi (which LOTUS KARZ MALAYSIA offers as a service), or approximately RM 1,150,000 once you settle all duties involved and depending on how you customize your car.

Lead time for the model is just two months if you’re willing to take any specification that’s on the factory floor in Hethel, but if you want it done to your exact tastes that lead time stretches to three months. All things considered, that’s not too bad of a wait for a fairly bespoke lightweight sports car, and some mass market models have even longer wait times than this.

How does the Evora GT410 separate itself from the Sport variant? Oddly enough, while it isn’t designed to be as aggressive as the Sport model, it does come as standard with a lot of optional extras that the Sport model doesn’t have as part of its base pricing. As a more usable everyday car, it comes with Sparco seats, air conditioning, a reverse camera, a premium infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, as well as better refinement through more insulation. These might sound like fairly simple options, but for a raw driver’s car they are welcome additions.

While Colin Chapman may be turning in his grave, drivers and passengers will appreciate having integrated arm rests and storage bins in the doors for more comfort and better practicality. The damper rates are revised for better ride quality, paired with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres for great all weather traction – things you would expect of a car you would want to enjoy on a more regular basis. Even the rear tailgate now has a large glass section to let you see a little better out the back.

In terms of the other optional extras that come as standard for the regular GT410, buyers will get a body-coloured roof, side-sills, tailgate, front access panel, and mirror backs, as well as red AP Racing brake callipers and either silver or gloss black V-spoke cast alloy wheels in 19-inch at the front and 20-inch at the rear. Other equipment includes cruise control, heated seats, and rear parking sensors.

But if you care about every last gram being shed from your car, then the Evora GT410 Sport will still be the car for you – and various revisions like the seats, air conditioning, and updated infotainment system still find their way into 2020’s model. Pricing for the Sport variant is just RM 20,000 more for the Langkawi option – but duty-paid pricing will vary significantly as the options a customer ticks will compound with the taxes as well.

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