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Malaysian-built Chery vehicles will be exported - 30k vehicles to be built locally annually

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Malaysian-built Chery vehicles will be exported - 30k vehicles to be built locally annually

Chery Malaysia recently launched their highly anticipated SUVs and reiterated its ambitious plan to manufacture up to 30,000 vehicles annually for both the domestic market and exports.

However, the company acknowledges that achieving this goal will require some time.

During the launch event, Chery Malaysia's President, Shawn Xu, explained that they are currently in the initial phase of their plan.

Chery Malaysia official launch 2023

With only two models available and a limited dealer network comprising 31 outlets, they need to rapidly expand their sales and production capabilities. Xu stated that a third model is in the pipeline, which they anticipate will help them approach their target volume.

In line with their growth strategy, Chery announced their intention to introduce the Omoda 5 EV and the Tiggo 7 Pro in 2024. These new models are expected to generate increased demand and contribute to Chery's overall production volume.

2023 Chery Omoda 5 Malaysia

However, specific details about the timeline for reaching the annual target of 30,000 vehicles were not provided. Regarding export activities, Chery plans to establish Malaysia as its regional hub for right-hand drive vehicles, catering to Southeast Asian and Oceania markets.

Xu emphasized that alongside expanding their Malaysian operations, efforts to localise parts supply are underway in preparation for export. While no precise timeline was given, Chery aims to begin exporting RHD vehicles by the second quarter of next year.

Chery Malaysia export ambitions

Xu further elaborated that Chery aims to enter all major RHD markets worldwide, including Thailand, various regions in South America, and even the United Kingdom. This ambitious plan necessitates the establishment of RHD production facilities to meet the substantial demand for cars in these markets.

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