The Malaysian Evo April – The P1 Meets the F1 and Finding 2014’s Ultimate Track Toy


The Malaysian Evo April – The P1 Meets the F1 and Finding 2014’s Ultimate Track Toy

33 years on and enthusiasts still speak of the McLaren F1 as one of the greatest cars ever made, so much so that some claim that nothing has taken its place as McLaren’s crowning achievement. Can McLaren’s 21st century hybrid hypercar, the P1, match up to the F1? The P1 boasts more power, more sophistication, and even forbidden Formula One technology, but is it enough to make enthusiasts forget about the F1? 

In a similar vein we take Ferrari’s most celebrated turbocharged car, the F40, on a tour through the Alps to experience one of motoring’s most delectable combinations. One of the most rewarding Ferraris to drive meeting some of Europe’s most magnificent roads, it is an indulgence not to be missed.

But from the world of ultimate on-road performance we move onto the exciting world of track toys. In a world were comfort, emissions, and airbags are thrown out the window for ultimate lap times, we pick the best track cars of 2014 to find out which is the fastest at going around corners and keeping you in control.

Idolised as a design icon, the Audi TT has had an underserved reputation of a car that had more style than substance. Can Audi’s new third-generation TT reverse people’s assumptions? To prove its worth we match it up against Peugeot’s hot RCZ R, the sharp and balanced Subaru BRZ, and the brawny Nissan 370Z.

While Bridgestone has built a strong reputation as a maker of performance tyres during its involvement in Formula One, we wonder if that is the case with their commitment to altruistic causes. Their latest Potenza Adrenalin RE003 puts some of our worries that Bridgestone has lost their edge in performance to rest.

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Daniel Wong

Daniel Wong

Born with a sizable cranium that is only humbled by Rubens Barrichello's, Daniel doesn't care much for numbers or figures but the immediate sensations and experiences one gets from a drive. To him a measure of a good car is one that does what it was set out to do well. A great car is one that draws a smile on your face with a quality that isn't quantifiable and keeps it there.


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