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Malaysian RON95, RON97 Prices Increased For July 2015, Diesel Unchanged

Gerard July 1, 2015 00:00

The Domestic Trade Cooperatives and Cosumerism Ministry(KPDNKK) has just announced that petrol prices will go up for the month of July, 2015.

Last month, fuel prices saw an increase of RM0.10 per litre across the board (RON95, RON97, Diesel) for the month of June. For July 2015, these are the new prices that consumers will be paying for fuel:

  • RON 95: RM2.15 per litre (RM0.10 increase)
  • RON 97: RM2.55 per litre (RM0.20 increase, inclusive of GST 6%)
  • Diesel: RM2.05 per litre (No change)

Euro 5 diesel, where available, is priced from RM2.15, maintaining its price from the previous month as well as the previous RM0.10 premium over the regular Euro 2M grade diesel sold more commonly.

Under a new measure by the Finance Ministry, fuel price announcements will only take place at midnight at the start of the new month unlike previously.

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