Mazda 2 Sedan Becomes A Toyota - Meet The Scion iA

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Mazda 2 Sedan Becomes A Toyota - Meet The Scion iA

Yes you read that right. The Mazda 2 Sedan is now also sold by Toyota, albeit under its US-market only Scion brand. The new Scion model replaces the previous generation Toyota Yaris Sedan (previous generation Vios to us) for Toyota in USA and Canada. 

The US-market's Yaris line-up is now limited only to the hatchback model, and is the European-market Yaris model rather than the ASEAN-market model.

Like its Yaris Sedan predecessor, the Scion iA is positioned as an entry level car, priced at around USD 16,000.

The Scion iA is built by Mazda under contract, at its Salamanca plant in Mexico, exclusively for the North American market.

Parked next to the fabulously stylish Mazda 2 Sedan, we haphazard a guess that the Scion iA is not going to win many fans with its looks. Still, Scion says the letter 'i' in the iA's name represents "Individual. Intriguing. Easy on the customer’s income" while the 'A' is for "aggressive styling, accommodating cabin and trunk, and affordable."

Underneath the bonnet, the Scion iA retains Mazda's  SkyActiv-G 1.5-litre engine, paired to either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic.



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