Mazda Dealership In US Replaces First Crashed MX-5, For Nothing

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Mazda Dealership In US Replaces First Crashed MX-5, For Nothing

Imagine the scenario: you wait long enough for your brand-new car (all the more a 2016 MX-5) to be ready for collection, you go to pick it up, and as soon as you drive off with it, you get rear-ended by a huge pick-up truck. The horror!

That’s exactly what happened to this couple in the US, who just moments after leaving the dealership in their brand-new 2016 Mazda MX-5, found themselves being taken to the emergency rooms after being slammed by a Ford pick-up. The first bit of fortune is that no one was seriously hurt – apart from a few bruises.

The events mentioned took place on the 18th of July, just last Saturday, with the owners obviously in some distress: not only for their bruised bodies, but at the thought of their rear-ended MX-5!

On the following Monday, the second bit of fortune struck: the owners spoke to the US Mazda dealership, Tom Bush Mazda, and they, together with Mazda North American Owners (MNAO) had agreed to give unfortunate owners a brand-new MX-5, at no cost at all – the only know terms are believed to be that the damaged vehicle be returned. Mazda may have some value in the first real-world rear-ended MX-5 – presumably for their own research.

The entire event is quite a rare ordeal, but a very fortunate one for the couple involved. We don’t normally hear of such tales, with dealerships typically not obligated to do such things. Nevertheless, good guys Mazda USA did.

We wonder: have you ever encountered such an instance in this part of the world? Do feel free to share your stories with us.

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