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Mazda Increases Local Content in CKD and Export Models

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Mazda Increases Local Content in CKD and Export Models

In an effort to increase the quantity of local content in locally assembled models, Bermaz Auto, the authorised distributor of Mazda vehicles in Malaysia announced that the developing, manufacturing, assembling and sales of seats in its CKD and export models will be done locally by a newly incorporated company – APM Delta Seating Systems Sdn Bhd.

The company, which is a joint-venture between Auto Parts Holdings Sdn Bhd (APM) and Delta Kogyo Ltd Japan (Delta), will supply seats, seat frames and components for export to ASEAN countries, while also supplying components for Mazda vehicles assembled in Malaysia which will be exported to other ASEAN countries in CBU form.

It is said that the company was formed with an authorized capital of RM25 million divided into 25,000,000 ordinary shares of RM1.00 each. The issued and paid-up capital of RM23 million will see APM owning 60 percent and Delta owning 40 percent of equity interests.

The production plant for this JV will be located in Kulim, Kedah with a built up area of 12,856 sqm which is estimated to be completed in February 2017. This JV, initiated through a program by Mazda and Malaysia Automotive Institute four years ago, is in support of Malaysia’s Northern Corridor Economic Region direction to boost the economic growth in the Northern Peninsular Malaysia.

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