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Meet the Perodua EMO-1, the Myvi-based EV prototype, shown at the 2024 Malaysia Autoshow

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Meet the Perodua EMO-1, the Myvi-based EV prototype, shown at the 2024 Malaysia Autoshow

Perodua has taken the wraps off the EMO-1, an “Episode One” in their EV journey, which in the past Malaysia Autoshow, was shown off as scale model. This year, it’s now a full size prototype built from a current-generation Myvi.

The nation’s second automaker has underlined its intent to pioneer the country’s EV ambitions, spurred (or cornered) by a government mandate, and literally developing the vehicle in-house without help from Daihatsu or Toyota.

However, an Australian-based partner was involved in the creation of the EMO-1. Surprisingly, even more firm details were forthcoming. It uses a high voltage (400V) battery system consisting of an air-cooled 55.7kWh lithium prismatic nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) battery, paired to a front-mounted and liquid cooled single electric motor

Perodua says peak power is an impressive 120kW (about 160hp), though its ‘rated’ power figure is a more modest 50kW (or about 67hp). Peak torque, meanwhile, stands at 220Nm, and a top speed an estimated 150km/h was posited.

In terms of pricing, Perodua CEO Datuk Zainal Abidin, stated that it would be priced below RM100,000 but above RM50,000, meeting the affordability demands of the rakyat while presenting it in a form factor that’s already familiar and loved by Malaysians.

Since its size makes it analogous to the Myvi, this yet unnamed Perodua EV will be a B-segment sized 5-door hatchback. However, it was also stated that the final car could potentially adopt new styling cues.

The car's interior seems to be rather altered, sporting a much larger touchscreen and a flat-top steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara. There are also small screens at the corners of the dashboard to display the feed from the side view cameras that take the place of mirrors. 

Due to how the batteries are configured and packaged within the car, a tall hump can be seen running through the centre of the cabin, making this a strict 4-seater. 

There’s no word yet on when we can expect a car like the EMO-1 to show up in Perodua dealerships. However, it will likely be 2025 or beyond with Perodua also intending to expand their hybrid offerings alongside their EV initiatives.

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