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Mercedes-Benz CLA And GLA – Now Assembled In Thailand

Hans September 28, 2015 09:07

Mercedes-Benz Thailand has started local assembly the CLA-Class and GLA-Class models at its Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant Co in Samut Prakan province. 

The Thailand-assembled CLA-Class are offered in two main variants – the CLA 200 and CLA 250, with prices ranging from 2.14 million Baht to 2.49 million Baht.

The fully-imported CLA 180 AND CLA 45 AMG 4Matic will continue to be sold alongside the locally-assembled CLA-Class models.

Meanwhile the Thailand-assembled GLA-Class models are the GLA 200 and GLA 250, priced between 2.09 million Baht and 2.44 million Baht.

Will these cheaper, Thai-assembled models come to Malaysia?

Unlikely. In order for an imported car to be exempted from the 30 percent import duty under the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA), the vehicle must have at least 40 percent of its components sourced from countries in the ASEAN region.

Currently, the Thailand-assembled CLA-Class and GLA-Class models appears to cater only for domestic sales. 

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