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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet Revealed In Detailed Sketch

Gerard August 17, 2015 09:43

The upcoming Mercedes-Benz S-Class cabriolet has been “leaked” by the German carmaker themselves through this detailed sketch that reveals both the car’s interior and exterior styling.

This new S-Class cabriolet will be the first convertible S-Class since 1971 (W111/W112) and will join the other variants in the current S-Class lineup – the sedan (W222), the long-wheelbase sedan (V222), the even longer Mercedes-Maybach (X222), the even, even longer Mercedes-Maybach Pullman, plus a coupe (C217) to boot.  

Based on the sketch by Robert Lesnik, Director for Exterior Design at the Three Pointed Star, the S-Class cabriolet will retain most of the styling from the already stunning coupe with its scalloped sides, sloping chamfered rear, and semi-clamshell bonnet. To beef up its crash safety, the A-pillars are reinforced as well.

The cabriolet is a full four-seater with the centre console running between the front occupants and into the rear. Meanwhile, the S-Class coupe’s dashboard is ported into the cabriolet as well.

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