Mercedes-Benz Teases Mystery Four-Door Coupe For Frankfurt, Next CLS?

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Mercedes-Benz Teases Mystery Four-Door Coupe For Frankfurt, Next CLS?

Mercedes-Benz is keeping intentionally hush about its newest concept, dubbed appropriately 'Concept IAA', that it will be showing off at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, which is mere days away. 

Not many words were involved in the accompanying teaser images from the German automaker, but some key points were given. 

Firstly, Mercedes-Benz describes it as an “Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile” which an acronym that matches the venue in which it will be showcased (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung), and secondly that it's two cars in one - “an aerodynamics world champion and a four-door coupé embodying irresistible design.”

A four-door coupe from Mercedes-Benz does put one in mind of their CLS, and that dramatically angled rear end seems to resemble something akin to that of an Audi A7. We wonder. 

Mercedes-Benz promises a world premiere on September 14th, 7.30pm (CEST) which means 1.30am, Tuesday, September 15th for us in Malaysia. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

"So if I push my leg down on this lever-thing, I'll somehow go faster? Woah.". I was 10 years old, and hooked. I spent a lot of my youth sketching cars and perfecting my monthly dream garage within a daydream - occasionally interjected with a chase scene, obviously. Cars move me. Things I can't get enough of: Porsches and torque.



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