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This Mitsubishi Mirage Evo Is Ready To Rally

Jim Kem September 28, 2015 10:30

Team Ralliart New Zealand has put up the first pictures of its newly minted Mirage Evolution - a rugged-up, rally version of the Mitsubishi hatchback that will debut next weekend’s stage of the New Zealand Rally Championship.

Ever wondered what a Mirage would look like if it were given the ‘Evo’ treatment? While it does maintain the base car’s compact dimensions the bigger wheels, wide arches, added wings, intakes and air ducts certainly don’t lack in aggression.

And then there’s the addition of that large intercooler barely contained behind the car’s gaping mouth. We do speculate on what lies under the hood and how much power its pumping out to the four wheels. While that remains a mystery. Our guess is that it will be very turbocharged.

The car will be piloted by native New Zealand driver Chris West.

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