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Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia hits the 100,000 mark

Aswan July 21, 2016 17:09

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has had a relatively small operation when compared to their contemporary rivals, but they have always put in a tremendous amount of effort in order to push their products and build their brand. A little over 10 years since they first set up shop locally, they have finally hit the 100,000 units sold mark. Fittingly, the model to make the milestone was a Mitsubishi Triton Adventure- one of their better selling products since their shift towards offroad vehicles. A small celebration was held in East Malaysia, where owner Lee Ju Hin from Kuching took delivery of the car.

Through their 11 years of operation, MMM has expanded to a network of 54 showrooms and 52 service centres across Malaysia. While the ASX variants are produced locally, the brunt of their models are still imported directly from Thailand- but hopefully with some sustained growth, we could see more local production. 

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