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The Mitsubishi Triton Fights Its Own Battles In This Commercial

Aswan October 18, 2016 11:09

It may not be immediately obvious to those watching, but this sleek red Mitsubishi Triton is threading its way through history and fending off some truly fearsome adversaries. It starts off dodging flaming projectiles lobbed from trebuchets straight out of the middle ages, avoids an array of arrows from a South American tribe, evades a pair of Russian tanks from World War II, and eventually is pursued by a group of Mad Max-esque characters. 


While the name is a little misleading (Watermopylaegrad is supposed to be an odd portmanteau of Waterloo, Thermopylae, and Stalingrad), it still showcases the Triton's agility in stressful (albeit fictional) situations. Having driven the Triton ourselves, we can attest to its handling ability and nimbleness as being particular strong points for the vehicle. Historically, Mitsubishi has been quick to adapt the Triton to match the changing requirements of modern pickup truck owners, and this Triton stays true to that principle. 

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