MOBE 2018 To Bring Online Businesses And Consumers Together

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MOBE 2018 To Bring Online Businesses And Consumers Together

Online Shopping has become a big part of our busy lives in this day and age, simply due to how convenient it is.

Ranging from clothes, food, to even vehicle service packages and groceries, everything can be bought online.

However, as convenient as it is to buy something online, there is no denying that there is limited communication between the consumer and the people behind online businesses.

Although many online businesses have social media pages and what not to communicate with consumers, whether it will be as effective as interacting face-to-face is questionable.

So, in order to provide an interactive face-to-face platform between online business owners and consumers, a massive exhibition called the Malaysian Online Business Expo (MOBE 2018), is taking place this weekend (1 – 3 June 2018) at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

MOBE is an all-inclusive online business type fair which provides a platform for online business owners and entrepreneurs to physically exhibit and sell their products/ services.

Besides exhibiting and selling to consumers, business owners will also be educating the public about the online market, their business, and their products in detail through talks and demonstrations.

One of them is none other than Bernard Lee, iCar Asia’s Country Manager (Malaysia) who will be giving a talk about digital transformation, titled “From Bricks to Clicks”  on Friday, 1st June at 3pm.  

Other special guests who will be present at MOBE 2018 are Jack Lim (MY FM), Dato’ Norman Pang (NPG Group), Jeff Chin (Socialmex), Harith Iskander, and Elizabeth Tan among others.

With “Bringing online to the real life” as the theme and the main objective, MOBE 2018’s organisers said that the exhibition’s targeted visitors include consumers, business owners, young entrepreneurs, as well as those who are unemployed.

By bringing online businesses to real life through avenues like MOBE 2018, the organisers believe that they can reveal more about online business to the public, and prevent online fraud cases.

Besides that, it is also a chance for online business owners to communicate directly with consumers and get to know what consumers expect from online businesses.

Consumers aside, online business owners will also be able to get to know each other, exchange ideas, contacts, and maybe even explore the possibilities of joint ventures in the near future.

Last but not the least, MOBE 2018 also aims to raise awareness among all participants and visitors about Malaysia’s cyber law as well as government agencies such as the Malaysia Cyber Security, and how they protect consumers in the e-commerce industry which will be playing a major role in shaping Malaysia’s economy in the future.

That being said, more than 100 exhibitors will be present across the 50,000 square feet exhibition space at MOBE 2018 this weekend, which expects over 50,000 visitors over the three days.

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