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Traffic Jams Can Cause Major Mental Health Issues

Traffic Jams Can Cause Major Mental Health Issues


It seems that getting stuck in traffic jams on a regular or daily basis might do a number on your mental health, but how serious can it get?

It's a thought that most of us have come across every time we find ourselves stuck motionless in the countless traffic jams so far in our lives. But going through it almost every day of the week carries a serious toll not only on the body but the mind as well.

traffic jam mental health disorder*Image credit: Sales Ninja

Depression and anxiety are real

Associate Prof Dr Muhammad Muhsin Ahmad Zahari, a senior consultant psychiatrist at Universiti Malaya, stated that mental health issues like depression and anxiety can occur if you find yourselves constantly in traffic congestion.

As reported by The Star, Dr Muhammad said, "The stress will increase if the person is often late for work and is reprimanded or given a warning by the employer, which in turn affects his/her emotion and work productivity."

If you dive a little more into mental health issues, you will also know and understand that there's a huge chance that it'll affect your physical health as well. Things like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, blurred vision, and many more could escalate to dangerous levels if not taken care of.

traffic jam mental health disorder*Image credit: The Star

9am - 6pm needs to be 'flexible' again

Throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO) which presented itself thanks to COVID-19, a lot of companies learned and implemented flexible working arrangements in terms of time and location. What used to be a normal working hour basis at the office was reinvented for the sake of safety and to protect our people.

This led to a few things. The first was that a lot of companies learned that not having their staff at the office during normal working hours doesn't mean that work grinds to a halt. In fact, some companies even thrived from a more flexible working format in terms of time and place.

For some, it was a blessing to not have to wake up early and leave the house before the sun rises just to make sure that they'll arrive at the office in the middle of KL for example before 9.00 am or before they're deemed 'late' by their employers.

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Leave early, or get stuck (for hours)

I myself live in Bangi and with my office located in Mid Valley (not even the heart of KL), I have to make sure to leave the house by 6.30 am just so that I won't get caught in that nasty traffic jam right after the Sungai Besi toll plaza.

A lot of folks depend on this route to get to their work locations, and the congestion has indeed gotten worse after all the travel restrictions were lifted by the Malaysian government upon entering the endemic phase.

As of now, many companies are reverting back to normal working hours, which means that a lot of people who want to avoid getting stuck in the worsening traffic jam will need to leave before the sun rises and return home after the sun sets. That's especially sad for those with families, and that's yet another nail in the mental health coffin.

traffic jam mental health disorder

What can be done?

Not getting stuck in traffic jams require some high-level time management skills. Waking up early, getting everything sorted earlier like preparing breakfast and sending the kids to school, and leaving for work just before the traffic jams hit their peaks are all vital.

Companies, on the other hand, can and should continue with the flexible working hours which were practised even before we entered the endemic phase. It's like the same strategy that major highway concessionaires use to inform motorists of the best times to travel to which destinations during festive periods.

Deputy Minister of Human Resources, Datuk Awang Hashim, stated that employees in Malaysia could apply for the Flexible Working Arrangements (FWA) with its employers starting 1 September 2022, but that has been pushed to 2023.

traffic jam mental health disorder*Image credit: The Vulcan Post

Apart from flexible working hours, a rotation system could also work but this form of implementation needs to be checked for suitability based on the company's business or operations. It is possible with a bit of planning and calculation.

We've done it before, why can't we do it again or just continue with the flexible flow? 

"Your mental health is everything – prioritize it. Make the time like your life depends on it, because it does." (Mel Robbins)

Yamaha RXZ Bakal Dilancarkan Semula Pada 2023?

Yamaha RXZ Bakal Dilancarkan Semula Pada 2023?

Auto News

Nama motosikal Yamaha RXZ sekali lagi naik di media sosial apabila timbul khabar angin yang mengatakan bahawa motosikal lagenda ini akan dilancarkan semula di pasaran Malaysia pada Januari 2023. Tapi betul ke?

Mungkin ini boleh menjadi berita baik dan buruk bagi sesetengah pihak bergantung kepada tujuan mereka, namun perlu diingatkan bahawa ini bukanlah kali pertama isu ini dibangkitkan kerana berita ini pernah juga timbul di sekitar tahun 2020 sehinggalah tahun ini.

yamaha RXZ

Benarkah RXZ Bakal Kembali?

Untuk mengetahui perkara sebenar, eloklah kita pergi merujuk kepada pengeluarnya, iaitu Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. (HLYM). Setakat ini, tiada sebarang maklumat, petunjuk mahupun teaser bahawa motosikal itu bakal dilancarkan semula.

Seringkali isu ini dibangkitkan, ia hanyalah dakwaan sesetengah pihak di media sosial tanpa sebarang bukti kukuh. Sekiranya model ini memang sah bakal dilancarkan, sekurang-kurangnya pasti sudah ada gambar yang tersebar di media sosial. Maklumlah, orang kita kan paparazzi.

Sekiranya motosikal ini dilancarkan semula dalam jumlah terhad sekalipun, pasti sudah ada petunjuk jelas jika diikutkan pada populariti motosikal ini.

yamaha RXZ members 4.0

Sebab RXZ Ditamatkan Penjualan

Motosikal ini telah ditamatkan pengeluarannya pada 2011 bagi mematuhi undang-undang emisi Malaysia dan antarabangsa yang tidak lagi membenarkan penggunaan motosikal berenjin dua lejang bagi mengurangkan pencemaran.

Ketika ini, penggunaan enjin empat lejang lebih baik dan bersih serta mematuhi piawaian Euro 5. Buktinya, Yamaha 125ZR yang menggunakan enjin dua lejang juga telah ditamatkan pada tahun 2018 dan tidak lagi membuat kemunculan semula sejak daripada itu meskipun masih digilai ramai peminat.

yamaha 125zr

Namun timbul juga dakwaan bahawa RXZ baharu ini bakal dilancarkan menggunakan enjin empat lejang mengikut kelulusan yang dibenarkan dan bakal hadir dengan sistem coolant dan injection.

Apa-apa pun setakat ini perkara ini hanyalah khabar angin semata-mata dan masih tiada sebarang maklumat rasmi yang dikeluarkan oleh HLYM sehingga ini.

Jika benar RXZ empat lejang ini dilancarkan di pasaran, adakah ia sesuatu yang menarik bagi anda?

Don't 'Share Share' TNG RFID Tag - One Per Car Only!

Don't 'Share Share' TNG RFID Tag - One Per Car Only!

Auto News

The TNG RFID Tag or sticker cannot be shared between several vehicles and if you're caught doing so, there's the risk of your tag getting suspended.

If you don't already know by now, each TNG RFID tag or sticker is unique to the registered customer and vehicle. In other words, you're not allowed to share it, unlike the SmartTAG portable device.

rfid tag sticker holder tng touch n go

Portable device for RFID stickers for sale?

You've seen these plastic things with suction cups that have been used to mount the vehicle's road tax sticker on the windshield? Apparently, you can now get a smaller version of it on multiple e-commerce platforms specifically designed for the TNG RFID tag.

This means that it can be easily removed and placed in different vehicles, but that doesn't mean that it is okay to share. Why? All toll booths with RFID lanes are equipped with Automatic Licence Plate Recognition (ANPR) which can detect any mismatch between the RFID tag or sticker and the vehicle's license plate.

rfid Automatic Licence Plate Recognition

RFID tags should only be used with the vehicle it's registered to

This is actually clear as day on the Touch 'n Go's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and if you're caught with this violation, it may result in the suspension of the RFID tags or stickers.

So, just follow all the rules and regulations by sticking it properly on the front headlight or windshield to avoid this from happening. Trust me, you don't want to be the person causing an unnecessary jam in the RFID lane, especially during rush hour. Not fun.


Now "Not The Right Time" For Targeted Fuel Subsidies - Tengku Zafrul

Now "Not The Right Time" For Targeted Fuel Subsidies - Tengku Zafrul

Auto News

For most of 2022 we’ve heard that blanket fuel subsidies will soon be a thing of the past, but so far have not seen many outward facing steps to remove it. According to our Finance Minister, perhaps the government are reconsidering.

Earlier this week while talking to members of the media at the 2022 Wild Digital SEA conference in Kuala Lumpur, Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz expressed the sentiment that it might “not be the right time” to implement targeted subsidies.

Premium Fuel - Gas Station - Stock Image

Not the right time for targeted fuel subsidies 

The reasons mentioned include the fact that the Malaysian economy is still in recovery from the pandemic while the inflation rate, at least compared to other countries, remains low. He stressed that the timing coupled with the correct execution is necessary to successfully implement such subsidies in a targeted manner.

Additionally, the Minister also pointed to the instability with the price of crude oil, implying that the current high prices seen this year could well be a temporary spike: “If the (market) price of oil at that time is low, maybe there’s no need for targeted subsidy as the government can continue to give the subsidy.

2022 Wild Digital - Tengku Zafrul

Indeed it would be a waste of time and effort to abolish blanket subsidies only to implement its replacement scheme as the high price of crude oil is no longer a problem factor. Things can, for lack of a better phrase, return to business as usual.

Aside from that, Tengku Zafrul also revealed that an additional dividend of RM25 billion by Petronas will be used for government expenditure as well as to cover the cost of fuel subsidies, which is expected to reach up to RM80 billion in 2022.

Geely Jiaji L Dilancarkan Dengan Gril Infinite Weave Proton – Bakal Ganti Exora?

Geely Jiaji L Dilancarkan Dengan Gril Infinite Weave Proton – Bakal Ganti Exora?

Auto News

Model yang pernah digembar-gemburkan sebagai pengganti Exora suatu ketika dahulu, Geely Jiaji versi facelift telah dilancarkan di pasaran China sebagai Geely Jiaji L.

Walaupun masih tiada khabar bagi projek menggantikan Exora buat masa ini, namun nama Jiaji sebagai pengganti Exora sekali lagi dipetik setelah Jiaji L ini hadir dengan rekaan gril Infinite Weave, iaitu gril ikonik yang digunakan pada kereta baharu keluaran Proton.


Selain menampilkan gril Infinite Weave, Jiaji L juga tampil dengan bampar hadapan baharu bersama gril berbentuk trapezoid yang lebih besar di bahagian bawah. Walaupun Proton telah menampilkan gril tersebut pada X70 pada 2018, namun elemen gril ini telah ditampilkan pada tahun 2010 menerusi model konsep Proton Tuah.

Proton Tuah,2010

Di belakang pula, Jiaji L menerima rekaan LED baharu pada lampunya serta hadir dengan lampu bar yang bersambung. Selain itu, pemantul cahaya juga diposisikan secara senget di bahagian tepi seakan-akan ruang udara yang semestinya membuatkan bahagian belakangnya kelihatan lebih sporty.

Geely Jiaji,MPV,China,Exora


Panjang 4,826 mm
Lebar 1,909 mm
Tinggi 1,695 mm
Jarak Antara Roda 2,805 mm
Saiz But 513 liter


Bahagian dalaman Jiaji L pula menampilkan rekaan papan pemuka yang lebih minimal dan ringkas. Ia masih lagi menampilkan paparan infotainment bersaiz 12.3 inci, namun telah dikemaskini dengan cip E02 terbaharu keluaran Geely. Selain itu, paparan meter digital penuhnya yang bersaiz 7 inci telah ditukar kepada saiz yang lebih besar, iaitu 10.25 inci.

GEely Jiaji L,Interior,MPV,Proton Exora

Kedudukan gear juga telah dialihkan supaya lebih mudah diakses oleh pemandu selain memberiikan ruang simpanan yang lebih besar di bahagian konsol tengah. Tempat duduk MPV China ini masih lagi tidak berubah dengan sususan 2-2-2 dan 2-2-3 yang ditawarkan.

enjin Geely Jiaji L

Enjin Dan Prestasi

Berbeza dengan Jiaji sebelum ini yang hadir dengan enjin 1.5L TGDI, 1.8L TGDI, Hibrid dan PHEV, Jiaji L hanya hadir dengan enjin 1.5L 4 silinder turbo yang menghasilkan 181 PS serta 290 Nm tork. Enjin tersebut dipadankan dengan transmisi klac berkembar automatik 7 kelajuan DCT.

Menurut pengeluar China itu, model ini mampu bergerak pada kelajuan maksima 190 km/j serta boleh mencapai penggunaan bahan api sekitar 6.9L/100km. Menurut laman web Geely, model Jiaji biasa kini tidak lagi ditawarkan dengan pilihan enjin 1.8L turbo manakala model PHEV masih menggunakan enjin 1.5 TGDI 3 silinder seperti X50 yang digandingkan dengan motor elektrik menghasilkan kuasa keseluruhan sebanyak 258 PS dan 415 Nm tork.

Geely Jiaji L,China

Ciri Keselamatan

  • ABS dan EBD
  • ESP
  • Brake Assist
  • Traction Control
  • Hill Start Assist
  • EPB with Autohold
  • 6 airbags
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Intelligent High Beam Control
  • Speed Limit Reminder
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • AEB

Geely Jiaji L,China,MPV,Proton Exora


Geely Jiaji L ini ditawarkan dalam 3 pilihan varian:

  • Charming: 119,800 yuan (RM77,526)
  • Luxury: 129,800 yuan (RM89.999)
  • Premium: 142,800 yuan (RM92,412)

Geely Haoyue,Proton X90,GEnting

Sekiranya Proton benar-benar bakal membawa masuk MPV ini bagi menggantikan Exora, reka bentuk baharu Exora itu kelak kemungkinan akan kelihatan seperti ini. Walau bagaimanapun, ketika ini Proton dilihat lebih cenderung untuk memperkenalkan SUV 7 tempat duduk yang diasaskan daripada Geely Haoyue ataupun Proton X90.