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New Meets Old: The McLaren P1 GTR Races Its Predecessor On Track

Gerard February 25, 2015 13:50

If you haven’t seen the brand new McLaren P1 GTR, please head here now! If you have, it’s time to increase the experience beyond just the visuals because the company has just released this video that places the track-only supercar on track alongside a blast from the past, its predecessor, the McLaren F1 GTR.

In the minute and a half video, we see the P1 GTR in its natural habitat as it races alongside its grandfather around a track, highlighting the power of all its 986 hp hybrid powertrain. There’s also the usual torrent of loud noises as the video progresses.

For a brief throwback, the F1 GTR came into existence nearly 20 years ago. So, which one looks best? Past or present?

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