New Nissan Z Sports Car Is Just Around The Corner

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New Nissan Z Sports Car Is Just Around The Corner

Although Nissan's recent announcement about their plans to cut their annual costs by 3 billion dollars sounds like the company is backing into a cave, today's previewing of the new Nissan Z car makes that recent cost-cutting news looks like that there are some significant moves within Nissan and that they plan to make exciting cars once again - thank god!

There are many Zed car fans out there, and this teasing will surely excite them. What remains unknown is whether the two-door sports car will be a completely new vehicle or a facelift version of the 370Z. From the looks of the silhouette - as that was the only thing that was shown, many have said that it looks like a facelift, but a heavy one at that. 

If the DRLs are anything to go by, it seems like the headlights of the new Z will be slightly oval rather than that funky angular headlight that is currently on the 370Z. The roofline also looks similar to the 370Z, which is a significant indication that the car is a massive facelift instead of a completely new vehicle.  

Nissan has yet to confirm when this new Z car will be hitting the showrooms but with Nissan announcing that they will launch 12 new vehicles in the next 18 months, can we say the Z car will be available next year? Possibly.

Engine wise, an Australian renowned portal reckons that they will put a turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 said to pump out 400hp and 475Nm of torque. They also mentioned that all that power would be sent to the rear wheels, like all Z cars. If this turns out to be accurate, imagine all the fun you can have from that engine in a compact sports car like this. Fancy a drift then?

The new Z car was teased in a video presentation in Japan at the end of the company's annual financial report. Enjoy it below!



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