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OKU Sticker For Vehicles: A Guide To Obtaining Them For Those Who Truly Need It

Gerard March 17, 2015 15:00

After viewing the video that showed a selfish driver hogging an OKU spot in Shah Alam, we thought we would do our best to ensure that OKUs in Malaysia know of their rights to obtain the special sticker to be placed on their vehicles, notifying other motorists on the road as well as allow them to access to utilise specially designated parking spots.

Even if you’re not an OKU, this guide on how to obtain the special OKU vehicle sticker also serves as an education purpose for if and when you need to help someone who is an OKU. It is adapted from the Road Transport Department Malaysia.

Requirements For Application

  • The application can be done by the vehicle owner, heir, or representative of an organisation or committee.
  • The vehicle being registered must be registered under the respective OKU with a OKU card that begins with ‘PH’ (OKU with physical disability) or ‘CA’ (previous OKU card reference number issued by Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Negeri Sarawak) OR;
  • The vehicle is registered under the IA usage code (vehicle for special needs people) OR;
  • The vehicle is owned by an association or organisation that deals with OKU who are also registered or received verification from the Department Of Social Welfare Malaysia.

Documents Required For Application

Upon meeting the requirements mentioned above, you will require these documents depending on the scenario:

Application By Owner Of Registered Vehicle

  • One copy of Borang JPJK17
  • Identity card
  • OKU registration card, or copies if application is done on the behalf of representative

Application By Heir

  • One copy of Borang JPJK17
  • Identity card of heir
  • Copy of OKU registration card
  • Letter of verification from the Department Of Social Welfare Malaysia

Application By Representative Of OKU Association/Organisation

  • One copy of Borang JPJK17
  • Identity card of representative
  • Letter of verification for the association or organisation that is registered with the Department Of Social Welfare Malaysia

The Borang JPJK17 looks like this:

Upon Receiving The OKU Sticker

The JPJ has provided a guide when placing the OKU sticker on your car which you can find in full here.

As a summary, the OKU sticker placed on cars should be transparent and displayed on the upper left of both the front and rear windscreens.

Motorcycle with side-cars should use reflective 3M OKU stickers and be placed on the upper right of the front and rear of the side-car.

As for support-based motorcycles (support wheels at the back), reflective 3M OKU stickers should be used and placed on the upper right at the front of the motorcycle and for the rear, it should be placed on an additional plate fixed below the number plate.

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