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Opal Auto Mart, EWP Services Merge Into Opal Warranty - Malaysia’s Largest Automotive Warranty Provider

Jim Kem December 11, 2015 15:08

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding Opal Auto Mart, one of the largest automotive warranty providers in the country, especially with regards to the growing grey import market. But Carlist.my has some insider knowledge that should quash any queries that might surround the matter. And it’s good news: Opal is still around, and actually it’s getting stronger. 

With the acquisition of EWP Services - another automotive warranty provider - and Opal Auto Mart by the One Auto Group, the two merged brands will be known as Opal Warranty, with a combined network of workshops across Malaysia totalling nearly 200, making it the largest warranty provider and administrator in Malaysia. 

Of course, current warranty programs for both these companies will upheld and also merged over time, while maintaining their licenses and validity but henceforth handled by the newly expanded Opal Warranty operation. 

According to David Lee, Opal Auto Mart’s Chief Operating Officer, the acquisition and merger will provide the momentum needed to branch out into the regional market as well, providing warranty programs for cars in Malaysia’s neighbouring countries. 

We’ll have more on this as the official announcements follow. 

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