Parent turns car into deathtrap - seats and belts removed, kids lie down at the back

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Parent turns car into deathtrap - seats and belts removed, kids lie down at the back

The Star's lifestyle division, mStar, recently shared an article showing that some parents are willing to risk their family's lives by modifying their vehicle and turning it into a rolling bedroom.

There's actually nothing wrong with modifying a vehicle and turning it into a motor home, as it can provide maximum comfort when you are parked at some beautiful locations, but when parents neglect the safety of their family by allowing their kids to be unbuckled on the move, it becomes a problem.

Letting kids ride a car without having seatbelts on is one thing, but when you remove all of the seats in your car except for the driver's seat, where your kids and wife have nowhere to sit on safely, you're just asking for trouble.

malaysian car no seatbelts, no seatsPicture credit:mStar

mStar shared a Twitter video showing a modified vehicle that no longer has a front passenger seat and seats in the back.

All that is available in the vehicle is a floor-like platform covered with sheets, allowing passengers the freedom to sit cross-legged or lie down as casually as at home.

The video also shows a couple of kids lying at the back watching TV while the front passenger, assumed to be the driver's wife, was cross-legged in the front passenger seat area, with one hand clinging to the door handle.

Malaysian father modify vehicle no seats and seatbeltsPicture credit:mStar

Only the driver is in a car seat equipped with a seat belt.

A netizen questioned the safety and risk aspects for the owner of the vehicle, where he said that it only takes an emergency stop to occur for the kids to fly straight to the front windshield.

"It looks beautiful and comfortable, right? But the probability of dying increases suddenly if there is an accident.

"Don't do this. Love your family members," he wrote in a tweet.

Other netizens also chimed in and agreed about the vehicle modification, which invites danger, especially when moving on the road.

Some described the driver as selfish, without caring about the safety of others.

"Dia lupa kelajuan kenderaan dengan momentum kot."

"Ni brek sikit je, confirm melekat kat cermin depan semua, Bahaya".

"Windscreen (cermin depan) pun dah retak."

"Eloklah tu, yang suami pakai seatbelt, lain-lain tak pakai. Bila kemalangan jadi apa-apa yang nak meraung dia juga nanti. Nauzubillah, jadilah ketua keluarga yang bijak".

seatbelt invention

If the vehicle driver forgot, seatbelts were invented to improve vehicle safety. The widespread adoption of seatbelts was driven mainly by concerns about the increasing number of traffic accidents and fatalities on the road. 

They have been credited with saving countless lives and reducing the severity of injuries in accidents, which is why seatbelts are now enforced in many countries, making it mandatory for drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts while driving.

Yes, your vehicle looks fantastic and will help you create many beautiful memories with your family, but please have some seats and seatbelts to create memories with your family in the first place.

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