PATRIOT 1 Number Plate Sells For RM1.308 Million

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PATRIOT 1 Number Plate Sells For RM1.308 Million

A “confidential bidder” has secured the highly covered ‘PATRIOT 1’ number plate for a staggering RM1.308 million.

The auction for the ‘PATRIOT’ number plate series numbered 1 to 9999 first began on 1st June by Yayasan Patriot Negara Malaysia (YPN), in collaboration with the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to raise funds to promote moderation after having acquired rights to the series from JPJ at RM1 million.

It is reported by FMT that five bidders have been competing to obtain the “PATRIOT 1” plate, where a certain bidder “from the south” had put in a bid exceeding RM1.3 million, YPN previously announced. YPN vice chairman Nadzim Johan however quashed rumours that the bidder was Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Ismail.

YPN had set a target profit of between RM10 million and RM15 million from this auction with reserved pricing for plates numbered ‘PATRIOT 1’ to ‘PATRIOT 10’ reportedly set at RM380,000.

With the amount of money paid to secure the ‘PATRIOT 1’ number plate, you could buy a BMW i8 or a Mercedes-AMG GT S

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