Perodua Bezza Exported To Mauritius, Sells For RM70k!

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Perodua Bezza Exported To Mauritius, Sells For RM70k!

The Perodua Bezza is now available in the Mauritius, distributed by Raouf Dusmohamud & Co Ltd. The A-segment sedan will now complete Perodua’s model offerings in Mauritius, which also includes the Axia, Myvi and Alza.

Four variants of the Bezza will be offered, a 1.0-litre and 1.3-litre model, each with an option of manual or automatic transmission.

Mauritius is a tiny island nation and as ownership of cars is discouraged via high import duties.

The Bezza 1.0L manual transmission is priced at 562,884 Mauritian Rupees (RM70,405.35) while the Bezza 1.0L automatic transmission is priced at 589,268 Mauritian Rupees (RM 73,705.45).

The Bezza 1.3L Premium X manual transmission is priced at 657,699 Mauritian Rupees (RM 82,264.78) while the Bezza 1.3L automatic transmission is priced at 684,990 Mauritian Rupees (RM 85,678.33).

In Malaysia, the Bezza sells for between RM37,000 to RM50,800.

Raouf Dusmohamud & Co Ltd., which also distributes Proton vehicles in Mauritius, targets to sell between 168 units of the Perodua Bezza per month (2,016 units over a period of 1 year) targeting car rental businesses, city taxis, young professionals and those with young families.

Update: Perodua has sent us a corrected statement that clarifies that the sales target is actually 168 units per year, not per month.

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