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Perodua Launches GearUp Exterior and Interior Accessory Packages

Jim Kem April 16, 2015 18:22

Perodua has launched its own brand high quality of car accessories that will be available as an add-on option for new customers before they take delivery of their vehicle, or purchasable separately to be fitted to supported existing cars.

This is Perodua's first real foray into the accessories market, a move brought on due to customer's increasing desire to have their cars reflect their personal style and set it apart from the other vehicles out there. They want their car to have a sportier look and more premium feel inside but at the same they demand quality products that have been properly designed and built to fit and work with their cars without having to rely on third-party products that may or may not be of good quality. This way, Perodua can better ensure a consistently positive customer experience. 

What Is It?

Perodua has chosen to call it 'GearUp' and attached it with the slogan “Make It Yours”. This new brand of official accessories is planned to eventually be offered for all vehicles in Perodua's range that includes both exterior and interior cosmetic enhancements. However, upon launch the upgrade packages are only available for the Axia.

  • For the exterior, they include body kits for the front grille and front bumper, rear bumper, and side skirting. 
  • Inside, most packages also include new door trim and premium seat covers with sporty patterns (diamond or honeycomb) with contrasting red stitching.
  • There is also a Driving Comfort pack that includes extra insulation around the hood and door to minimize heat and noise.

How Can I Get It?

Customers buying a new Axia can include a GearUp package before placing their order to have the car come installed with it once the owner takes delivery. Alternatively, existing Axia owners can purchase the packages separately at all Perodua sales and service centers from 17th April onwards. 

Myvi owners will have to wait until May, which is when Perodua said they will expand their GearUp range to include upgrades for it. Its safe to assume the buying process will be identical to the Axia and apply to new vehicles and owned vehicles of the most current generation. 

What Does The Packages Include?

There are a total nine packages to choose from that are made for the Axia range, with prices varying slightly between Peninsula and East Malaysia. They can come as separate packages for the body kit pack, interior trim pack, and comfort insulation pack. Combo packs include all three categories. 

For the Axia SE and Advance variants: 

  • Sporty GearUp Bodykit – Front grille bumper kit, rear bumper kit, side skirtings.
  • Trendy GearUp Interior - Honeycomb design seat covers (front and rear), door trim with double-stitch finish.
  • GearUp Driving Comfort – Noise and heat insulation of door and hood. 

For the Axia Standard:

  • Elegant GearUp Bodykit – Front grille and bumper kit, rear bumper kit, side skirtings.
  • Stylish GearUp Interior – Diamond design seat covers (front and rear). Door trim with grey double-stitch finish. 
  • GearUp Driving Comfort - Noise and heat insulation of door and hood. 

How Much Will It Cost?

The GearUp range was conceived with price in mind to make sure that it is as affordable as possible for Perodua customers. Packages will be priced from RM260 to RM3,600 and there will be a special launch period discount of 15% until the end of August. What's more, should you select a GearUp package when buying a new car, the cost can be spread out over the loan repayment period. Perodua has done its best to ensure that the added sum would not come to more than RM50 per month on a typical loan period. For peace of mind, these packages also come with a 6-month warranty from Perodua. Here are the prices:


  • Sporty GearUp Bodykit (Axia SE & Advance): RM2024.60
  • Elegant Gearup bodykit (Axia Standard): RM2459.20
  • Trendy Gearup Interior Accessories (Axia SE): RM1110.90
  • Stylish Gearup Interior Accessories (Axia Standard): RM1110.90
  • Type A – Combo Package (Axia Standard): RM3545.70
  • Type B – Standard + Package (Axis Standard): RM2535.50
  • Type C – Combo Package (Axia SE): RM2838.70
  • Type D – Comfort Package (All variants): RM546.75
  • Type E – In-Style Package (Standard Variant): RM380.95

East Malaysia

  • Sporty GearUp Bodykit (Axia SE & Advance): RM2068.10
  • Elegant Gearup bodykit (Axia Standard): RM2512.25
  • Trendy Gearup Interior Accessories (Axia SE): RM1132.80
  • Stylish Gearup Interior Accessories (Axia Standard): RM1132.80
  • Type A – Combo Package (Axia Standard): RM3619.50
  • Type B – Standard + Package (Axis Standard): RM2589.60
  • Type C – Combo Package (Axia SE): RM2897.55
  • Type D – Comfort Package (All variants): RM555.40
  • Type E – In-Style Package (Standard Variant): RM386.90

The prices above do not reflect the discounted launch price. Please note, too, that the prices listed above do not include the cost of labour and GST.

“This new entity caters to the unique taste of our customers that wishes to have his or her own special Perodua even before its sold,” said Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh, Perodua President and CEO today.


Perodua GearUp Accessories Package - Axis SE and Advanced Gallery

Perodua GearUp Accessories Package - Axia Standard Gallery

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