Perodua Launches Its ‘M-Team’ Mobile Services For Peninsular Malaysia

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Perodua Launches Its ‘M-Team’ Mobile Services For Peninsular Malaysia

Perodua wants you to say hello to its new solution for handling support, repair and maintenance services to its customers who live outside the range of their conventional service outlets. It is the first of its kind launched in Malaysia and will begin operating in Terengganu before rolling out to other states in West Malaysia.

The M-Team was first introduced in November 2013 and operated within East Malaysia the many customers there who don’t live within a convenient distance from their nearest Perodua authorised service centre, which is required to be brought in for scheduled maintenance under the terms of the manufacturer warranty, which as of September 2014 has been a 5-year coverage period.

”This initiative is our way of making it easier for our customers to service their Perodua vehicles and also ensure peace of mind by providing them with genuine parts,” Perodua President & CEO Datuk (Dr) Aminar Rashid Salleh said.

The M-Team for Peninsular Malaysia will operate using a 5-tonne lorry that has been modified to provide all the necessary facilities and equipment to conduct all the diagnostic and repair work required. 

M-Team will consist of four personnel; a foreman, two mechanics, and a service advisor. Together, they will offer services such as vehicle maintenance, inspection, technical advice, and will even be able to make warranty claims in certain cases provided the vehicle owner makes an advanced appointment. 

“The Perodua M Team will begin its journey to the East Coast in Kuala Berang, Ajil and Paka from January 2016 onwards as we believe there customers there who do not have easy access to our authorised service centres,” Aminar said.

For Terengganu, Perodua vehicle owners can make appointments by calling 019-995-4949 during business hours in the state from Saturday-Wednesday (8.30am - 5.40pm) and Thursday (8.30am - 12.40pm) beginning January 2016 onwards.

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