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PLUS Announces NKVE Traffic Diversion Northbound To Jalan Duta Toll

Jim Kem April 24, 2015 16:18

Users of the North Klang Valley Expressway take note, a traffic diversion will be ongoing between 10pm and 5am on Monday, April 27th to Wednesday, April 29th in the northbound lane. 

This is to ensure safety during the beam launching works undertaken for the highway widening project at the Bukit Lanjan Interchange. The diversion will affect those travelling from Shah Alam, Damansara, and Petaling Jaya towards the Jalan Duta Toll Plaza. Vehicles will have to head further north to make a U-turn near the Sungai Buloh Overhead Restaurant at kilometre 458.5.

Despite the diversion taking place during the late hours, PLUS (Projek Lebuhraya Usahasama Berhad) foresees minor traffic disruptions affecting at the aforementioned stretches throughout the construction period. Various measures will be put into place to make sure traffic flow is only minimally disturbed but drivers are advised to plan their journey accordingly regardless.


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