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PLUS to activate "SmartLane" zones to cope with heavy traffic this Labour Day weekend

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PLUS to activate

According to PLUS chief operating officer Datuk Zakaria Ahmad Zabidi, “SmartLane” have been activated regularly at two routes during the festive period, which has received positive feedback from highway users.

To ensure smoother traffic flow during the upcoming Labour Day holiday and the end of the school holidays from April 29th to May 1st, PLUS Malaysia Bhd will activate "SmartLane" zones, a collaborative effort between them, the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), the Road Transport Department (JPJ), and the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM).

PLUS Malaysia - LLM - NKVE

He said: "Once the SmartLane is activated, highway users will be allowed to temporarily enter and utilise the emergency lane at selected areas and will be redirected back to the normal lanes to continue their journey.

However, they must not use the road shoulder or emergency lane at other locations where no SmartLane is activated,” he said.

"The smartlane locations can be identified through special 'SmartLane' signage as well as the presence of traffic controllers stationed at the designated locations. Highway users are also advised to refer to the PLUS social media page via Facebook and PLUSTrafik Twitter,” he added.

Karak - Kuala Lumpur Expressway

However, it is crucial not to use the road shoulder or emergency lane at other locations where it might impede normal traffic flow. PLUS has also identified other locations for SmartLane activation, but it can only be implemented upon police approval based on the current traffic conditions.

These include the northbound route from Gua Tempurung (KM306.7) to Gopeng (KM297), Slim River (KM367.3) to Sungkai (KM354.1) and Rawang (KM439.9) to Sungai Buaya (KM435.5).

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