Police Investigating Man’s Boast Of Using Policemen As His Personal Driver

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Police Investigating Man’s Boast Of Using Policemen As His Personal Driver

The Royal Malaysian Police is investigating into a video circulating on social media showing a local Chinese man, boasting of having police officers as his chauffeur, clearing the busy traffic for him.

According to WorldOfBuzz.com, the video was originally uploaded by someone named Edmund Gan, claiming that his car has been sent for servicing, and that he has the privilege of having police officers sending to work in a police car, with sirens blaring to clear the traffic.

The uploader has since been taken down the video but a copy of it is being hosted at China Press’s Youtube channel.

The 54 second clip was taken inside what appears to be a Proton Inspira police car, with its sirens blaring.

The man in the video was heard speaking briefly in Chinese, “It’s quite fast, quite fast,” before panning his smartphone to show busy traffic yielding to the police car. The police car then deactivated its siren, and then man said “No need to be stuck in traffic,” before ending the video.

A report by local Chinese daily Kwong Wah Yit Poh said that the police is investigating into why the man was being driven in a police car, adding that the police force wishes to thank the public for alerting them on the issue. 

At the same time, there are some doubts about whether is that a fake police car (McDonalds Drive-Thru sticker on a police car?).

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