Proton – All Models Okay to Jump Start, with Right Pre-Cautions

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Proton – All Models Okay to Jump Start, with Right Pre-Cautions

Following a recently viral image on social media alleging that some of its models cannot be jump-started to overcome weak batteries, Proton has quickly moved to issue a statement to refute the allegations.

The statement asserts that all its vehicles can be safely jump-started provided that the right procedures are followed in order to protect certain on-board electronic systems that can indeed be sensitive to power surges.

In our experience, we have observed that many users jump start their vehicles by directly connecting both the corresponding terminals of the supporting and weakened batteries to each other i.e. positive to positive, negative to negative. This is the wrong procedure.

As part of the statement, Proton has prepared a simple infographic illustrating the correct method of jump-starting a vehicle, which is to connect only the positive terminals of both batteries to each other, and the negative terminal of the supporting battery to either the body or engine block of the vehicle in distress so that the current can be properly earthed.

The correct procedure of jump-starting a vehicle is detailed the owner’s manual of all Proton vehicles, which should always be referred to whenever in doubt.

The following steps and precautions must be observed whenever a vehicle is being jump-started:

  • Vehicles must not be touching each other.
  • The assisting vehicle must run on a 12-volt battery and its capacity (Ah) should not be significantly lower than the flat battery.
  • Jumper cable clamps must be insulated.
  • Ensure transmission is in Park (P) for automatic and neutral for manual transmissions.
  • Turn off the ignition of both vehicles.
  • Do not connect the positive terminal of either battery to the negative of the other.
  • Do not connect the negative jumper cable to the vehicle’s fuel line, fuel filter, or brake lines.
  • Start the engine of the vehicle with the booster battery, let the engine idle for a few minutes before attempting to start the affected vehicle.
  • Disconnect the cables in reverse order once the engine of the affected vehicle is started.
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