PROTON Advises Sales Outlets To Stop Accepting Bookings For Proton X50 Standard Variant

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PROTON Advises Sales Outlets To Stop Accepting Bookings For Proton X50 Standard Variant

Businessmen would say PROTON has a good problem. They've got more demand than they do supply but what happens when those waiting, decide to cancel their orders and opt for something else? In fact, how many orders of the ever-popular Proton X50 have been lost since Perodua launched the Ativa? Will we ever know?

In a document sighted by and susequently verified as authentic, PROTON is advising all sales outlets to halt or stop accepting orders for the Proton X50 Standard variants and instead to encourage customers to upgrade to the Executive, Premium, or Flagship X50 variants.  

2021 Proton X50 Standard Variant

This is further cemented by comments on Facebook from buyers of the Proton X50 Standard variant (who are still waiting to receive their X50's) who claim that their Sales Advisors have advised them to upgrade to the higher variants if they would like to receive their X50's faster. From the comments we've read some have decided to cancel their orders and opt for the Perodua Ativa instead. For context, the highest specced Perodua Ativa, the AV is priced at RM72,000 whilst the lowest specced Proton X50, the Standard comes in at RM79,200. We compare the Proton X50 Standard vs the Perodua Ativa AV here

How does this bode for brand perception and trust of PROTON among its potential buyers? I'm sure you have an opinion but it's safe to say online sentiment has not been positive, further exacerbated by the lack of parts and supplies for servicing for the Proton X70.  

Will there be a statement issued by PROTON to answer all these concerns, to address the pain points their customers are facing? Sama-sama kita tunggu!  

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