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Proton Plans To Re-Enter Chile’s Car Market, Says Malaysian Envoy

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Proton Plans To Re-Enter Chile’s Car Market, Says Malaysian Envoy

Proton Holdings Berhad is slated to re-enter the Chilean market as soon as December 2015, according to the Malaysia Ambassador to Chile, Datuk Mohammad Rameez Yahaya, as Bernama writes. 

They are said to be planning the move which involves three models - the Saga, Preve, and Exora - and would be the first time since the 1990s that Proton had an active presence in the South American country. 

The trio of models would arrive in Chile as test cars at first, and those are scheduled to be followed up with a full launch in April 2016 by the local distributor there, Andes Motor.


"I had met Andes Motor General Manager, Jorge Greene, and Commercial Manager, Maximiliano, last Thursday to discuss the matter. The company signed a distributor agreement with Proton and will receive its first three models in December," he was quoted as saying via Facebook.

The Ambassador says Andes Motor are expected to move forward with a minimum import of 500 units of Proton cars each year for the next five years. 

He added that this new exchange between both markets would amount to US$6 million per year. Three units have so far left Port Klang and are expected to arrive in Chile next month, following tests and approval procedures. 

Back in April, Christian Rehren, Chile’s Ambassador to Malaysia, spoke of the possibility that Proton could re-enter the Chilean market this year as the signing of the Malaysian-Chile Free Trade Agreement had taken place. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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