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Proton To Reinstall Child Seat Top-Tether In Saga SV Following Previous Omission

Jim Kem November 12, 2015 10:40

National automaker Proton has reportedly agreed to reinstall the top tether as part of a child protection system in their Saga SV starting this month following the component’s removal from the model earlier this year, writes The Sun.

ASEAN NCAP was investigating a Malaysian-made car earlier this year for an alleged safety violation in which the top tether fixture used for child car seats had been removed for production models after it had obtained its safety rating. Proton clarified first with a statement before stating that it was a miscommunication

Kharil Anwar Abu Kassim, ASEAN NCAP secretary-general, said to the daily that negotiations had taken place between themselves and Proton and that the matter is considered resolved. 

"Proton has promised to reinstall the top-tether starting November after we highlighted to them that the particular model underwent Asean NCAP test in January 2013 and received 58% marks for the child occupant protection (COP) for that particular top-tether fitment," said Khairil. 

"We were also informed that Proton had received calls from 30 customers who already purchased the said model, for Proton to install the top-tether as soon as possible in their cars.”

He added that ASEAN NCAP would continue to monitor the situation in the coming months to ensure the safety feature remains a permanent feature.

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