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Proton Saga still selling like hotcakes - more than 2x in 5 years!

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Proton Saga still selling like hotcakes - more than 2x in 5 years!

The Proton Saga remains to be the national brand's top-selling model in 2023. In fact, the sales for this P2-12A generation Saga has actually doubled in the past five years.

It is indeed a unique model in the current market where even after years since its initial launch back in 2016, the Proton Saga remains to be Proton's best-selling model to date which contributes to over 40% of the company's total sales volume.

2023 proton saga price specs malaysia volume

The fact that the Saga is also the brand's most affordable car certainly helps, but the typical sales trend for cars as they grow older is usually downwards. That is certainly not the case for the Proton Saga because for this year alone from January until July, Proton sold 39,251 units of the Saga.

Compared to the same time period in 2019 at 17,984 units, that is more than 2x in terms of sales volume for the Saga alone. As part of the Proton 'PIES' four-model offering which includes the Persona, Iriz, and Exora, the Saga together with these three models contributes to a total of 68% of Proton's total sales, as reported by Wapcar.

To compare, 40,555 units of the Perodua Bezza were registered in the first half of 2023. The Proton Saga? A close second at 33,325 units but that's including a small number that were exported to other countries like Brunei, Pakistan, Nepal, Kenya, and Bangladesh.

A quick recap of Proton's 2023 year-to-date sales volume from January until July can be seen below:

  • Saga - 39,251 (2nd highest volume A-segment sedan)
  • X50 - 20,192 (highest volume B-segment SUV)
  • Persona - 14,533 (highest volume B-segment sedan)
  • X70 - 6,997 (3rd highest volume C-segment SUV)
  • Iriz - 4,708 (4th highest volume B-segment hatchback)
  • Exora - 2,741 (highest volume C-segment MPV)
  • X90 - 2,225 (highest volume D-segment SUV)
  • Total - 90,647 units sold from Jan-July 2023

2023 proton saga sales price specs volume

Looking at the amount of success Proton has experienced this year so far, it's indeed a challenge for other models to emulate the success achieved by the Proton Saga.

The combination of affordable price tags ranging from RM34,800 to RM44,800 paired with short waiting periods certainly helps for the Saga, but for those figures to double up in five years compared to the steady Perodua Bezza is certainly a major win for Proton.


Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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