Proton Wira wins 'Most Stolen Vehicle' title AGAIN

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Proton Wira wins 'Most Stolen Vehicle' title AGAIN

Surprise, surprise. The Proton Wira has retained its status as the most stolen vehicle in Malaysia.

It's actually an unsurprising surprise as the Proton Wira has maintained this infamous title for the past 11 years now, according to the Vehicle Theft Reduction Council of Malaysia (VTREC).

131 Proton Wiras reported stolen in 2021

proton wira most stolen vehicle malaysia 2021*Image credit: Berita Harian

The figures were published by the Vehicle Theft Reduction Council of Malaysia and according to its coordinator, Mas Tina Abdul Hamid, these were the numbers based on claims received by insurance companies in the country.

On top of that list of the most stolen vehicle in Malaysia for 2021 is the Proton Wira with 131 reports followed by the Proton Iswara with 75 reports. The third place belongs to the Perodua Kancil. Why is this? Easy cars to steal? Easier to sell? High demands for parts?

All of the above, actually. Unsurprisingly, the Toyota Hilux gets the title of the most stolen foreign-made vehicle in 2021 with 65 cases reported. As for the king itself, the Perodua Myvi sits in sixth position.

Supply & demand for parts are still high

proton wira most stolen vehicle malaysia 2021

Even though the production of the Proton Wira stopped close to 15 years now, there are still a number of them roaming around. The demand for parts is still high for this particular model, which is why car thieves are still targetting the Proton Wira.

This trend will most likely continue with other models on the list once that particular gen, make, or model finally ends its production by the manufacturer. According to VTREC, the older-gen Perodua Myvi might see an increase in theft activities in the years to come.

For the rest of the cars that don't end up as scrap after they've been stripped for parts, they're usually sold online with labels such as 'piang', 'lari bank', Jalan Terus', and more. Don't believe us? Go to any online marketplace and search for 'piang'. You would be amazed by the results, and even the prices they're offering for some high-end models.

Over 50% reduction in thefts compared to 2020

proton wira most stolen vehicle malaysia 2021

VTREC also reported that there was an upside as they've seen a reduction in all vehicle-type theft cases. A 51% drop for private cars and motorcycles in 2021 showed a significant improvement, followed by a massive 81% for commercial vehicles (Q1-Q3 comparison between 2020 and 2021).


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