Rampai Puteri Medical Centre To Give Free Child Seats Throughout November

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Rampai Puteri Medical Centre To Give Free Child Seats Throughout November

The Rampai Puteri Medical Centre, a boutique hospital for women and children, has begun its Buckle Up, Baby! campaign in collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (MIROS) to instil awareness of the importance of child safety seats among parents.

Amongst noteworthy initiatives of the hospital under this campaign, Rampai Puteri has implemented a policy requiring parents to have a child safety seat properly installed in their vehicles before allowing discharge of newborns delivered at the hospital.

To mark the start of this campaign, Rampai Puteri will be giving away free child safety seats to all babies born at the hospital throughout the month of November 2017. Additionally, Rampai Puteri has partnered with two local child safety seat suppliers to offer child seats to the public at discounted prices.

After free child seat programme ends in November, the hospital will also be implementing a loan programme allowing parents to borrow a child seat from the hospital free of charge. A deposit of RM150 will be collected and fully refunded upon return of the seat within a week of discharge. Parents who fail to return the child seat within a week will be deemed to have bought the child seat at that price.

To ensure the success of this campaign, Rampai Puteri has enlisted the collaboration of MIROS to assist in the programme’s implementation as well as to provide technical expertise on the correct usage of child safety seats.

Rampai Puteri’s mandatory child seat policy mirrors practices in certain developed countries in which parents are required by law to show that they have a child safety seat installed in their vehicle before the hospital is allowed to discharge the baby.



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