RapidKL Investigating Double-Decker Bus Colliding With Underpass Along Jalan Pudu

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RapidKL Investigating Double-Decker Bus Colliding With Underpass Along Jalan Pudu

On Sunday, the top of a double-decker bus operated by Rapid KL Sdn Bhd collided with the ceiling of an underpass along Jalan Pudu. RapidKL is conducting an investigation into the matter, reportedly. 

The Rapid KL U40 stage bus was serving the route between Terminal Kajang to Terminal Jalan Silang when the incident befell the 4.2-metre tall bus. It was on its way to toward the Kuala Lumpur city centre when it occurred, which was at approximately 6.45pm.

Nobody was injured during the incident and drivers of buses of that type were instructed to avoid certain underpasses that are too tall for the double-deckers. It was learned that the route at Jalan Pudu was not the original route for it, as the bus had a maximum capacity of 108 passengers.

It was a strange and unexpected occurrence according to an operations officer attached to the Rapid KL bus depot in Cheras Selatan, writes The Sun.

"We are puzzled on why the driver had attempted to go through the underpass as Rapid KL bus captains have been trained for months in advance before we allow them to man the double-decker bus service," said the officer.

Rapid Bus CEO Zulkifli Mohd Yusoff said a probe into matter to find out the extend of the damage, both to the bus and the city, as well as to ascertain possibilities to why the driver took that alternative route. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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