RC Trucks Take on a Full-Sized Toyota Hilux in Brand's Latest Web Series

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RC Trucks Take on a Full-Sized Toyota Hilux in Brand's Latest Web Series

There are many ways of showcasing a vehicle’s unique features and capabilities.

More often than not, manufacturers just release promo videos with uplifting music and someone with a sexy voice talking about how great the vehicle is.

However, some brands do get very creative at times. For instance, Toyota UK has chosen a rather unusual but super adorable and fun way of promoting the new Hilux and its capabilities – by comparing it with a remote controlled (RC) version of itself.

What Toyota's UK arm did is that they put together a web series called "Hilux Little and Large” which comprises four videos showing a full-size Toyota Hilux pickup doing some truck stuff while a radio-controlled, 1:10-scale Toyota Hilux from Tamiya also does the same things at a smaller scale.

If you see the videos, there's a wade-off, muddy drifts and even an attempt to pull the big Hilux using many little ones.

The highlight is probably the final video in the series titled "Tow," in which we can see the Hilux being put against its mini version on a slalom course.  

The best part is that each Hilux has a trailer loaded with a Toyota 86. The RC truck gets to tow an RC car too, and the pickups manoeuvring themselves while pulling a trailer through the course is probably the most entertaining thing you’ll see today.

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