Rich Kid Wanted A New Ferrari 488 GTB From Dad, So He Set His 458 On Fire

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Rich Kid Wanted A New Ferrari 488 GTB From Dad, So He Set His 458 On Fire

If there was a gulf between the rich and the human, this really does lay the down the reality - how ever skewed it might be. “Own a Ferrari 458 but envious of not owning the new 488 GTB? Torch it,” seems to be the way this twisted logic went. 

According to, a 20-year old Swiss son of a Zurich-based millionaire set his 458 ablaze near the German town of Augsburg after devising a crafty plan to obtain a 488 GTB by scamming his insurance company. The idea, apparently, came to his as advice from a dealer.

The salesman pitched the fraud scheme to the wealthy young man, and the duo had hired accomplices and developed alibis for the owner to be at a massage parlour while arsonists “stole” the car and destroyed it.

Authorities, however, upon discovering the Ferrari on fire, searched through surveillance and intercepted calls, and managed to apprehended the accomplices. All four of them admitted to the scheme and led them right to the Swiss rich kid.

In court, the young man divulged how he received between 5,000 and 10,000 Francs (RM20,000 – RM40,000) each month. He also said to own no less than 15 cars, including a Lamborghini that along with his now very crispy Ferrari, were paid for by his father. He had not been able to work up the courage to confess to his father that his 458 no longer pleased him.

He left court after being handed probation of one year and ten months and a fine of 30,000 Euros (RM129,000).

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